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Process digitization in public administrations has the main goal of making institutions efficient and transparent, towards an overall improvement that involves every internal aspects - far beyond technology

Cineca started supporting universities in this mission as early as in the 80's, when the principle of university autonomy was introduced. With italian law n. 168 of May 9th 1989, the Ministry of University and Research started the need for all stakeholders to activate tools for exchanging, certifying, saving and integrating digital data.

Cineca was involved in this process since the very beginning of designing a transition from paper to bits.

Cineca since then plays a pivotal role in supporting the Ministry in collecting all data useful for the informed government of the autonomy process, while on the other hand providing universities and research bodies with the necessary tool to implement the process.

  • Managing organs of universities and research bodies need broad spectrum analysis to define their strategies and goals.

    Cineca's solutions integrate data from different management systems to provide performance indicators to support decision making  - towards a data driven university.

  • From recruiting to career management: every tool to manage staff in universities and research bodies.

  • Cineca develops websites and services for the interaction fo universities and research bodies with their audience, be it new prospect users or long-term interactions.

  • IT tools to manage teaching, learning and student careers

  • Cineca develops tools supporting digital teaching and learning, covering the whole production and provision process around digital contents and the digital credentialing of learning outcomes.

  • Cineca provides tools supporting the management of the complete lifecycle of research projects and products for universities and research bodies, from fundraising to ethical committees and data management.

  • Cineca's services for universities administrations, to semplify account management, financial management of research projects and costs allocation activities. 

  • Digital records management, digital identity, e-vote, electronic signature. blockchain: Cineca's technologies for dematerialisation.

  • Cineca provides universities and research bodies with an up-to-date IT infrastructure, based on a "Large Scale Facility" datacenter, complying with national requirements expressed by AGID for service providers for public administrations.