On November 22-26th 2021, CINECA and IFAB organise the first edition of the “Practical Quantum Computing School”, dedicated to the practical use of new quantum computers.

The school has been created to instruct the scientific (and non-scientific) community with practical examples to use the most important platforms for accessing current quantum computers and quantum emulators. In fact, the school will have a practical approach: the students will learn directly from the developers how to use the most famous tools for Quantum Computing available on the market.

Being a school mainly based on the practical use of quantum computing resources, to take full advantage of the lessons it will be necessary to have a minimum knowledge of Quantum Computing (including Quantum Annealing topics). This information can be found in any Introduction to Quantum Computing course.

In this first edition we will have the opportunity to learn how to use the software of D-Wave, Pasqal, Amazon Web Services, ATOS and IBM.

The course will be held online, and the lessons will be held in English.

More information, and link to the registation page, can be found on the website of the Quantum Computing Lab of Cineca.